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This is reserved for those areas that have caused me to go no further in my research. Hopefully others will have ideas as to how to get past some of these roadblocks.

Genealogical Nightmares: Common Names, Geographical Black Holes

In recognition of the upcoming Halloween celebrations, Geneabloggers has suggested writing about Genealogical Nightmares. What are my genealogical nightmares? Ancestors with common names and locations with a dearth available records. Having started doing genealogical research when I was nine years … Continue reading

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Why share your genealogy on

I am considering adding this tool to my genealogy toolbox. This seems like a good way to collaborate on dead-end relatives with multiple researchers. It also looks like a good place to gather stories of a common ancestor from descendants … Continue reading

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Surname Saturday: Lamberson

Today I am focusing on my main dead-end relative, Timothy Lamberson. (Most details of this relative and “The Other Timothy Lamberson” can be found on my website.) Timothy Lamberson married Rebecca Ferguson in May, 1814, in Madison County of the … Continue reading

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