My name is Greg Lamberson, and since I was 9 years old, I have been doing serious genealogical research. No, really. Nine years old. I swear.

Anyway, I have run a website creatively called Greg Lamberson’s Genealogy Website for a number of years. This website contains a great deal of my personal genealogical information as well as information for the surname Lamberson and many variants.

I wanted to have a place to present genealogical information less strictly organized or tied to my other information as well as provide a more interactive forum, so I am starting this blog.

Please have a look around, and please comment if you have anything to say, whether or not it is related to any particular post here.


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  1. We would like to invite your organization to participate in the 2nd annual Genealogy Jamboree 2012, which is June 7-9, 2012 in the streets of the town of Cumberland Gap, Tn. Last year was a huge success, having people from 29 states and 2 countries coming. First of its kind: an event having Genealogy, Living history and the Traditional trades coming together. This is a way to promote your organization to many folks that may not know of it. We had organizations from 4 states at the first Jamboree.
    Attached is an exhibitor form the cost is $15.00 per 10 x 10 spaces, the fees is being donated to the Cumberland Gap Vol. Fire Dept which plays a large roll in the event..crowd/traffic control…security…etc.
    We hope that your organization will consider participation in the Genealogy Jamboree.

    Thank you for your time
    David A Nelson Jr
    Web Master Genealogy Jamboree Destination Cumberland Gap, TN.

  2. withheld for privacy says:

    hey, I have in my possession a painting with what appears to be the artist name of Lamberson and a date of clearly 1957. I would describe the painting as an abstact done with pastels on rice paper. Is this something that would interest you, if so send me an email, and I tell you how I aquired the painting.

  3. Brek Rosengren says:

    Hello Greg,
    My name is Brek Rosengren. My Great Grandpa was John Grover, who married Laurel Wallington. I’m 56. I knew my Great Grandpa, until he died in 1974. I recently realized that I live very close to an ancestor named Lambertsen, in Spencer Township. In Kent County Michigan. The house is still there and someone lives in it. There are Lambertsens and Wallingtons Ina cemetery that is near enough for me to ride my bike to. My Grandma was Ella Grover Rosengren (my Dad’s Mom). My Dad is Frank Harris Rosengren and he and my Mom are both still alive.

    Feel free to email any time. I can tell you more, and am interested in hearing more from you. I have old photos too.

    Brek Rosengren

  4. Carol Kelly says:

    Hello Mr. Lamberson, I just wanted to thank you profusely for your fascinating and oh so informative article on your ancestor David B. Lee, lawyer and inventor, which I stumbled onto today. It allowed me a major genealogical breakthrough. After such a long time searching for the father of Sarah Lavinia Lee, my third great grandmother, who married John F. Griffee, there he was, David B. Lee, my 4th great grandfather with all the details of his lineage back to Connecticut, dispelling a family myth of his relationship to the Lees of Virginia. I guess that makes us distant cousins? Anyway, thank so so much. It was a great find and a fascinating one. Enjoyed how you discovered and pieced his story together…notably the hot air balloons one and the letter to Jefferson.

    Best regards, Carol Kelly (born in Camden, NJ)

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