Talented Tuesday: “Fiddler Charlie” Andrews

My family prides itself as being very musical. Nearly everyone plays at least one musical instrument, and most of us play more. This tradition goes back a long way, and I can tell you my 3rd Great Grandfather, Benjamin Elam, was known to be quite a flutist.

One relative who has a reputation for standing out in this regard is a cousin of my grandmother through both her father and her mother named Charles Sidney Andrews.

Fiddling Charlie, the fiddlin’ tornado. Won Fiddler’s contest in 44 states of the Union. Had a large family, 11 I think he told me at the 1930 Carroll Reunion. Charlie’s mother died when he was young and he was raised by his grandmother, Jane Andrews.

– Juno Evans Pierce, “The Carroll Family”

Charles Sidney Andrews was born 19 July, 1870 in Ozark, Arkansas to John Jernigan Andrews and Sarah Stubblefield. Charlie was a travelling musician who lived at various times in Fayette Co., IL, Arkansas, and Jasper, MO. Charlie was renowned in the family for his musical gifts. I don’t have independent confirmation of any of the family assertions about him, but he certainly inspired generations of his kin to be musicians nevertheless.

Here’s to you, Fiddler Charlie. You still are a family legend, inspiring generations never thought of in your time.


About glamberson

I am an amateur genealogist and a professional technologist, having experience in both areas that goes back to the 1980s (at least). My genealogical interests really began in 1979 when my grandfather died. Computers & technology have been primary interests since the early 1980s. My first personal computer was an Apple IIe bought shortly after they first became available.
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7 Responses to Talented Tuesday: “Fiddler Charlie” Andrews

  1. What a wonderful picture!

  2. Astrid says:

    Hi… I love the pictures that show what they did and give you a clue about the talents of your ancestors. By the way, I just responded to your question about cemetery records on my blog. It’s been busy lately, so I apologize for it taking me this long!

  3. This is a great picture! My Great Grandfather was also a fiddler. He played for the barn dances and gatherings around Murdock, Kansas. I have lots of pictures of him but I wish I had a picture of him with his fiddle.

  4. Guy Allen Andrews says:

    This is my great-grandfather and my cousin has a few of the medals that was won at fiddling contests. We also have a recording of Charlie playing the fiddle too. It is true that he inspired many of us descendants to play instruments. My uncle Carl Wayne Andrews taught me how to play the guitar and mandolin when I was young and was really anxious to learn to play. I have never seen this picture of him and would love to share this with the rest of my family.
    Guy Allen Andrews

    • glamberson says:


      Thanks so much for your reply. I think I’ve got you in my tree already, but I’m in Egypt at the moment and don’t have my research handy. I would sure love to hear your great grandfather playing so if you’ve got it in a sharable format, please let me know!

      • Guy Allen Andrews says:


        I have asked my brother, Wayne, to see if he can locate the record or a tape of Great grandpa Charlie playing the fiddle. Once it is found, we will have to see about getting it digitized so we can send and play the songs on our new technology.

        By the way, My wife and I stopped and stayed in Vandalia, IL for a week. Very special to me to go to Seminary and Evans cemeteries and look around for grave markers. Plus, spend some time at the Fayette County Courthouse looking through records and the Greenville Library in Bond County looking at micro fiche newspapers.

  5. Lynda Molton says:

    Awesome Guy……….thanks so much for sharing this. My grandpa Garner Andrews and I believe his daddy James Monroe Andrews both played the fiddle. That is really something to see the talent drop down through the generations. My two sons are very musically talented with the drums, and guitar as you know, maybe I need to encourage one of them to pick up the fiddle. Again, thanks for including me with this article.
    Lynda (Andrews) Molton

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