Friend of Friends Friday: Slaves named in Worcester Co., MD, property records, Book AW (incomplete)

Recently I discovered that property records for Maryland, ALL of them, have been digitized and put online at . While looking through the indexes for the letter L, I have come across entries called “List of Importation of Negroes,” “List of Importation of a Slave,” etc., which I have now begun to make note of, find the records for and transcribe as I run across them in the hope that someone can benefit from them.

Below are entries found for Book AW, Worcester Co., MD, 1830, involving the following:

  • Slave girl named Clarasy (Clarissa?), female aged 18 and boy aged 2 years (her son??) named Azariah coming from Virginia as a result of William Feddeman of Virginia leaving these slaves to his son James Feddeman of Worcester Co., MD, in his will.
  • Emancipation of a slave girl named Mary Elizabeth Armstrong aged three years (this appears to be a recording error as the context clearly states the woman is an adult) by J. Henry Armstrong
  • A slave brought into Worcester Co., MD from Sussex Co., Delaware, named Casa or Case, 29, and the daughter of a slave woman named Peggy Atkinson. The circumstances of this case were that Alexander Campbell had married a widow named Mrs. Mary Townsend of Sussex Co., DE, and had apparently brought the slave girl with her back to Maryland.

Here are the transcriptions:

Transcriptions of records of Worcester County, Maryland regarding slaves in property
Book AW Page 330

A list of Blacks brought from Virginia to the State of Maryland, Worcester County. One woman named Clarasy aged 18 years, one boy child named Azariah aged 2 years. James Feddeman, Oct. 18, 1830 The above mentioned Blacks was willed to me by my father William Feddeman

AW 331October the nineteenth day Anno Domini eighteen hundred and thirty there was delivered unto me the subscriber the forgoing list of Importation of Negroes in order to be
enrolled among the records of Worcester County, which said list of Importation of Negroes is accordingly recorded among the same records in Liber AW folios 330 & 331 –
John C. Handy, clk
To all whom it may concern. Be it known that J Henry Armstrong of Worcester County in the State of Maryland for divers good causes and considerations me thereunto moving as
also further in consideration of one dollar current money to me in hand – in hand paid has released from slavery liberated manumited and set free by these presents do hereby
release from slavery, liberate manumit and set free my negro girl named Mary Elizabeth Armstrong being of the age of three years and able to work and gain sufficient livelihood and maintenance and her the said Negro girl named Mary Elizabeth Armstrong I do declare to be henceforth free manumitted and discharged from all manner of servitude or service to me my executors administrators forever. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my name and affixed my seal this twenty first day of October one thousand eight hundred and thirty. Signed sealed and delivered in presence of George Keating Zadock T. Milbourne. Henry (his X mark) Armstrong
AW 365A List of a Slave brought into Worcester County State of Maryland from Sussex County in the State of Delaware by Alexander Campbell- to wit- a Negro woman named Casa -aged twenty nine years- the daughter of a Negro woman slave named Peggy Atkinson who was a resident of the State of Delaware one of the States comprising the United STates before the twenty first day of April in the year of our Lord seventeen hundred and eighty three . the said slave Casa was brought into the said County of Worcester in the said state of Maryland on tuesday the second day of November in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and thirty. A title to the said Slave Case was acquired by the said Alexander Campbell by his intermarriage with Mrs. Mary Twonsend of the said County of Sussex in the State of Delaware aforesaid – Signed by me this Eleventh day of Novermber in the year of our Lord Eighteen hundred and thirty. Alex. Campbell
November thirteenth day Anno Domini eighteen hundred and thirty there was delivered unto me the subscriber the foregoing List of Importation of a Negro in order to be recorded among the records of Worcester County, which said List of Importation of a Negro is accordingly recorded among the same records in Liber AW folio 365 John C. Handy clk


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One Response to Friend of Friends Friday: Slaves named in Worcester Co., MD, property records, Book AW (incomplete)

  1. If only all land records were made available like this one. I was able to locate several land records in Prince Georges county for our ancestors.

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