Amanuensis Monday: Simon Lambertson (wife Laura Upright) Revolutionary War Pension Application File from Ulster Co., NY

This is no known relation to me, but I run a Lamberson surname website, and this is my first foray into documenting some of the Dutch Lambertson families who populated New York State for it. I have seen a few Revolutionary War pensions, and comparatively, Simon Lambertson’s settlement of $120 annually was very high.


New York

Lambertson, Simon (wife Laura) R6101

New York 30,800

Simon Lambertson of Ulster Co. in the State of New York who was a Sergeant in the company commanded vt Captain Riker in the Regt. Commanded by Col. Cortland in the N. York line for 2 years

Inscribed on the Roll of N. York at the rate of 120 Dollars – cents per annum to commence on the 4th day of March, 1831

Certificate of Pension issued thie 17th day of August 1836 and Sept. to January

Mitchell, Shawangunk. N. Y.

Arrears to the 4th of March ’31 600.00

Semi-anl. Allowances ending to Sep. “ 60.00

—- —-


{Revolutionary Claim Act June 7, 1832}

Recorded by D. Brown, cleark

Book E-2 Vol. 4, page 42


In the District of New York

Ulster County –

On the 5th day of July 1820, personally appeared in open court in the Court of Common Pleas it being a Court of Record for the said County of Ulster: Simon Lambertson aged sixty-two years and nine months resident in the said County of Ulster who being duly sworn according to Law doth on his oath declare that he served in the revolutionary war as follows. Enlisted March 13th 1776 with State of New York in Capt. Henry Riker’s Company Coll.Richmore’s Regt. New York Troops in the line of the State of New York; served until 1777 when he was discharged in Orange County NY – then enlisted 1777 in Fishkill in the State of New York in Captain Jonathan Hallet’s Company Coll. Phillip Cortland’s Regt. New York Troops for during the war and served until the 9th June 1783 when he was discharged in the town of New Windsor in the County of Orange N.Y. And has received a pension under of the Act of March 18th 1818. One hundred and thirty one Dollars and seventy three cents on the 4th September 1819 and $48 on the 4th March 1820 and that he is a laborer.

And I do solemnly swear that I was a resident Citizen of the United States on the 18th day of March 1818 And that I have not since that time by gift sale or any manner disposed of my property or any part thereof with intent so to diminish it as to bring myself within the provisions of the Act of Congress entitled An Act To Provide for Certain Persons Engaged in the Land and Naval Service of the United States in the Revolutionary War passed the 18th day of March 1818 and that I have not nor has any person in trust for me any property or securities Contracts or Debts due to me nor have I any income other than what is contained in the following inventory and by me subscribed except necessary Cloathing & Bedding viz. no Real Estate. Two Hogs worth $5 each 3 Pigs worth $1.50 no other property except household furniture. One son Selar aged nine years one daughter Maria Catherine aged six years one daughter Elizabeth aged 4 years And one daughter Hannah aged 3 years. My wife is 48 years. Deposant himself is unable to support himself from age and infirmity and that he was in the Battle of White Plains Battle of Monmouth and the Battle of Saratoga and in the battle in which Cornwallis was taken.

Simon Lambertson

Sworn to and subscribed on this day July 1820 in open Court before me Lucas Elmendorf first Judge of the Court above mentioned


To the Hon. The Secretary of War

Dear Sir being a Pensioner of the United States under the Act of March 1818 I beg to State to your Honour that I am set forth in my Certificate as a private in the army of the Revolution having lately learned that a sergeant is entitled to more pay and having always served as such in the Army I beg leave to explain a mistake must have taken place in my application originally for a pension (my application was made by — — – in the year 1819.) and a cetificate forwarded to me having date 30 April 1819. Signed J. C. Calhurn No. 10.034. I expect from the fact that the said certificate so recd. And by me now held. My application must have been made as a private when in fact I was a sarjeant and could not have understood that part of my affidavit which set me forth as a private (if it did so) – I will briefly set forth my enlistments and officers and if there is any record in the department it will be so found I first enlisted for one year under Capt. Riker as a Sarjeant in the militia in thr Regiment of Col. Richmore I think it was in the Spring of 1776 and was marched to Quebeck and from thence back to Long Isand and was in the Engagement at Brookline & Cooped? into ikw? Took from thence to Hardrain? Heights thene to White Plains at which engagement I was in there and I think to Peckokill? Where the Company of captain Riker joined the Regiment of Col Cortland (I think it was later in the fall of 1776 in the latter part of December about the sam time General Washington took the Hessian prisoners at Trenton) when I then enlisted in Colonel Cortland’s Regiment for 7 years or during the War and still continued in the Company of Capt. Riker until his death when Capt. Hollet took the Command of said Company. I was in all the Engagements of said Regiment of Col. Cortland from its first organization to the peace under Capt. Richard Hallet as a Serjeant – and was discharged at New Bergh? At Washington’s Head Quarters and recd. a Written discharge which I gave to a merchant at New Windsor to whom I sold my bounty land – and cannot tell what he done with it but presume he left it at the land office at Washngton or the Capitol of this State N. Y.

I wish you to inform me whether from the Records & from the above statement of facts it will be sufficient for me to send your Honour my Certificate that I now hold to entitle me to the benefit of the Act of June 7th 1832. and the pay of Serjeant – or whether I must support my present related story by prooff – which I am abundantly able to do by 5 living witnesses who served with and know me in said Regminet of Col. Cortland – I am well satisfied that my present application will conflict with my original applicaion in 1819. but rely upon the truth of my can? for explanation and as far as the original application I could not have understood it – there were a number of other applications made out by E. P. Kaim? On the same day and they were hurried off. Be so kind to address your answer to me at the Shawanjunk? Post Office Ulster County N.Y. And confer a favor upon a Humble but thankful individual. Simon Lambertson

Shawangunk N.Y

7th July 1836


State of New York

County of Orange

On this 8th day of March A.D. One Thousand Eight hundred and fifty three personally appearee before me James W. Fowler Surrogate in and for the County of Orange in the State of New York aforesaid Laura Lambertson a resident of said county aged 81 years who being duly sworn before me the Surrogate in open Court and on her oath states that she is the widow of Simon Lambertson deceased a late resident of the county of Ulster in said State who was a soldier and served in and during the war of the Revolution and that she makes this declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the Act of Congress approved of February 3rd 1853 Entitled an Act Granting Pensions to Certain widows of soldiers who served in and during the war of the Revolution. She further declares that she was married to her husband the said Simon Lambertson in the county of Ulster in said state on or about the fifth day of July 1810 by Moses Freeley who was then a pastor of the Shevangarde Church, and that her said husband died on or about the 23 day of June 1845, and that he was in the Receipt of a Pension at the time of his death at the rate of $120 per annum under the Act of Congress passed March 18th 1818, and that she has not intermarried since the death of her said husband, and that she is still a widow. She further states that her name was Laura Upright before her marriage to her said husband the said Simon Lambertson deceased. Sworn to & subscribed on the day and year above written before me James W. Fowler Surrogate

Laura ( her X mark) Lambertson


State of New York

County of Orange

I hereby certify that the foregoing declaration was made, subscribed and sowrn to before me James W. Fowler Surrogate of Orange County in open Court.


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