Surname Saturday: Lamberson

Today I am focusing on my main dead-end relative, Timothy Lamberson. (Most details of this relative and “The Other Timothy Lamberson” can be found on my website.)

Timothy Lamberson married Rebecca Ferguson in May, 1814, in Madison County of the Illinois Territory. He is also there in the 1818 Illinois “Statehood” Census, but moved to the Missouri Territory after 1818 and so was in no census in 1820. He appears in the 1830 Pike Co., MO, Census and filed a will April Fools Day, 1831 (though he didn’t seem to be kidding).

Prior to this, I have no record of Timothy that I can be certain of. HOWEVER, There is another Timothy Lamberson in Tuscarawas County, Ohio, in 1809. He owned land, paid taxes, got married and had a son, all of which is documentd. He also is mentioned in the will of his son Timothy, Jr., ‘s grandfather, Samuel Mosser. Samuel Mosser died in 1811, and in his will he provides for his grandson Timothy Lamberson’s education and welfare until such time his father, who had removed west alone, “should return and collect him [Timothy Jr.].”

So I have the potential for a connection to this previous Timothy Lamberson but nothing more substantial than a possibility. Besides these two and a couple of their later descendants, there are absolutely NO other Timothy Lambersons in any record I have seen whatsoever before 1860 or so. Of course what I’m interested in is before about 1820, and there are literally no references to this name or its variants besides these two characters, and very few of those.

Right now I’m trying to figure out what records I could possibly look at for the Indiana Territory (as this area was referred to at the time) to see if Ohio’s Timothy Lamberson filed for divorce. Elizabeth Mosser Lamberson promptly remarries in 1813, so if they are the same, there should be a divorce filed somewhere, and it’s not in Tuscarawas County.

Does anyone else have ideas? Like I said, I have this documented on my website. Just follow the links above.


About glamberson

I am an amateur genealogist and a professional technologist, having experience in both areas that goes back to the 1980s (at least). My genealogical interests really began in 1979 when my grandfather died. Computers & technology have been primary interests since the early 1980s. My first personal computer was an Apple IIe bought shortly after they first became available.
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